• Shawn Redd
  • Shawn Redd
    • Running for    Arizona - U.S. Representative - District 1

Shawn Redd

  • Running for    Arizona - U.S. Representative - District 1


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Bio Statement

Shawn Redd is not only the First Native American to (ever) seek the Republican Nomination for Arizona’s First Congressional District. In addition, Shawn holds the distinction of being the only Native American who remains in the race. In a Republican Primary that has juggled 8 candidates, Native American Shawn Redd's ability to remain viable and competitive, with the opportunity to win, against a slate of the Party's establishment candidates, is not only noteworthy, it is amazing. Shawn Redd is a lifelong Conservative and Navajo Businessman, currently running in the closing weeks of the Republican Primary against 5 opponents (at one time 7). He is out manned, and worse, he has been, predictable, out spent. He has been virtually ignored by the media despite his popularity with voters. He has fought a strategic battle for the past year and remains, not only a viable candidate in the final weeks, but the first and only Native American with a reasonable opportunity to upset the GOP establishment. AZ CD-1 is the seat that Ann Kirkpatrick vacated in order to run for the U.S. Senate. This is a district where any thoughtful analysis of voter registration in the district, concludes that Shawn REDD as a Native American, is the only Republican that can win in November. The winner of the Republican Primary is usually the candidate who spends the most money. But Shawn has run a lean, cost effective campaign, financed mostly out of his own pocket .... and financially speaking, Shawn is no Donald Trump. He has spent countless hours visiting every corner of the district, talking to voters and spreading his message about lower taxes, smaller government, a strong national defense and a new immigration policy enforced and maintained by stronger border security. Of course, every Republican candidate has a similar message. However, what you won't hear from any other candidate, is Shawn Redd's conviction that, "... I, alone, am the candidate who can win in November." Why can't the others win in November? Because of the overwhelming Democratic advantage, supported by Native American voters since redistricting! AZ CD-1 is one of the most gerrymandered districts in the entire country, stretching in all directions to include most of AZ’s Native American tribes and giving the Democrats an insurmountable advantage. There are more Native American votes in CD-1 than in any other Congressional District ... 23% ... that's more than 160,000 registered Native American voters. Democratic Party candidates have taken advantage of the opportunity provided by this advantageous block of Democratic and Independent Native Americans. Only now, with Shawn Redd in the race can a true, lifelong Republican Native American level the playing field and attract Native American votes to a Republican candidate in November. The last time a Republican candidate won AZ CD-1 was in 2010, before CD-1 faced redistricting prior to the 2012 Election. Redistricting eliminated many conservative areas, while including most of AZ’s native tribes (mostly registered Democrats and Independents). In the 2012 Republican Primary, Jonathon Paton, a well known and well-funded politician, easily defeated three challengers with 60% of the Republican primary vote. In November, Paton was easily defeated by Ann Kirkpatrick by almost 10,000 votes. In 2014, Andy Tobin won the GOP Primary, but again, Kirkpatrick defeated him in November by a similar margin (almost 10,000 votes). Remember, Kirkpatrick would not have won in 2014 without the strong support of the Navajo Nation and eleven other tribes. Democratic candidate Tom O'Halleran's worst nightmare is a Republican Primary victory by Shawn Redd. As a Native American, more specifically as a member of the Navajo Nation, and a Navajo Businessman, Republican Shawn Redd will appeal to Native Americans and split the Democratic base in November and go on to victory on November 8th. For more information or to interview Shawn contact Travis Thorne / 928-386-1358 / thorne@shawnredd.com

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  • Navajo Businessman


Devoting my life to Economic Development and Conservative values on the Navajo Nation

Worked to get Republican Sharon Clahchischilliage elected to the New Mexico State House

Redd is the 1st Native American to (ever) seek the Republican Nomination for Arizona’s Congressional District 1


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LDS - Mormon


Native American