• Christopher Aguayo
  • Christopher Aguayo
    • Running for    Illinois - U.S. Senator
Christopher Aguayo

Christopher Aguayo

  • Running for    Illinois - U.S. Senator


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Bio Statement

Chris Aguayo was born in Elk Grove Village, IL on December 29th, 1984. Chris grew up in many cities in Illinois, including Bensenville, Des Plaines, and Wheeling, graduating from Wheeling High School in 2003. It was while attending Wheeling High School when Chris began demonstrating his leadership capabilities. While enrolled in the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, Chris achieved the rank of Lieutenant as well as earning the Life Scout level as a member of the Boy Scouts of America and was a member of the Order of the Arrow. Two years after graduating, Chris enlisted in the United States Army as a Cavalry Scout and became the first person in his family to serve in the military. Military Service Chris was assigned to 2nd Squadron 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood, TX. In the summer of 2006 Chris met and married his wife who had a daughter and a son. Chris deployed to Iraq in 2007 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After redeploying, Chris was reassigned to Fort Bragg, NC, assigned to 1st Squadron 38th Cavalry Regiment, deploying to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Chris attained the rank of Sergeant, serving throughout his career in various positions, including unit armorer, team leader, and light-vehicle gunner. Chris attended the Army’s Warrior Leader Course, graduating with honors (Commandant’s List). Chris understands the struggles faced by families, and by Veterans. The stresses of military life took its toll on his own marriage, with him and his wife divorcing. Education Chris attended Illinois State University as a Political Science major with a minor in Agriculture, working on the University Farm as a Farmhand. Chris left Illinois State University to attend Parkland College to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. Community Chris is dedicated to his community and fellow Veterans having created a non-profit paintball league to supports Veterans and Active military service members with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder along with assisting them with the process of readapting to civilian life, raising $1,300 for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Chris volunteers with Team Rubicon and the Champaign County Search and Rescue. Political Beliefs Politically, Chris has become an advocate for smaller government and giving the power of governing back to the people, with a firm belief in the Constitution, maintaining his oath to uphold and defend it. Chris was an independent until January of 2015, when he became a member of the Veterans Party of America. In June of 2015, Chris became the Illinois State Chair and announced his candidacy for US Senate representing the State of Illinois. He believes that, for too long, the two parties have led to the country’s failures and short-comings. Career politicians have put their personal agendas before their constituents.

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Made Commandant's list at the US Army's Warrior Leader Course

Started a non-profit (not tax exempt) to help Veterans adapt to civilian life


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