• Amos White
  • Amos White
    • Running for    California - County of Alameda - Assembly District Delegate - ADEM 18
Amos White

Amos White

  • Running for    California - County of Alameda - Assembly District Delegate - ADEM 18


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Bio Statement

Amos is an environmental nonprofit founder and executive with 100K Trees for Humanity, an urban reforestation nonprofit working at the intersection of race and climate. He is an entrepreneur, community leader, award-winning writer, producer/director, and artist. Over the past 30 years, he has led and supported movements and policy initiatives that created positive change and impact for our communities. Amos have served on the front lines of California communities focusing on children, youth and families, and served to lead in many capacities: * Southern California Volunteer Coordinator for Barbara Boxer's first US Senate campaign, * Field Coordinator for Barbara Lee’s State Senate campaign, * Kids First! Oakland Fund for Children and Youth Program and Coalition, a $5.5MM Fund for underrepresented Children and Youth. * Deputy Director of Eureka Communities - Northern California/Eureka Foundation - Co-created and managed the $1.6MM Statewide Leadership Training Fellowship Program for nonprofit directors and community leaders. In Alameda, Amos has served our community, serving on the boards and committees of: * Rhythmix Cultural Works, Board Member, the only arts organization in the city that is dedicated to presenting and preserving multicultural programming that attracts audiences representative of the island’s diversity; * Alameda Coming Together (ACT NOW!) Coalition Member; * The California Sanctuary Campaign, protecting our immigrant community members, * CASA - Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda, our city environmental task force - Co-authored Alameda’s Climate Emergency Declaration, * Alameda All Faith’s Coalition, Chair Rapid Crisis Response Committee and Climate; * Encinal Jets Athletic Boosters VP of Marketing; * Alameda Island Poets; and * ACLU People Power Alameda where I co-authored Alameda Resolution to Declare Racism as a Public Health Emergency. Seeing the mounting trials of a rapidly warming planet and the increasing intersection of race and migration, led Amos to pivot away from marketing consulting in 2017 to focus on developing community based strategies to engage and motivate individuals to act on this climate emergency. And in 2019, with the support of key CASA colleagues, he launched 100K Trees for Humanity, an urban reforestation tree planting initiative to accelerate carbon sequestration globally. He also was elected Vice Chair of the bay area Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force a regional coalition of elected officials, city staff, sustainability and environmental staff and community based organizations working to align climate action plans, centering frontline communities in their strategies. Amos White is excited to run to be Alameda’s next council member. He has a broad-base of endorsers to support his campaign. He is committed to building together with our diverse communities a city that truly serves and welcomes all here.

Political History

Current political office

  • Vice Chair, Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force
    03/2019 – Current

Occupational History

Current non-political job title

  • Founder & CEO, 100K Trees for Humanity
    10/2019 – Current

Historical non-political job titles

  • Marketing Consultant
    11/2007 – 10/2019
  • Sr. Account Exec. Sales Marketing, BayNet Inc.
    08/2005 – 10/2007
  • VP Marketing, 1031 Exchange Options
    07/2003 – 07/2005
  • Director of Sales & Product Marketing, Eyecron
    02/2000 – 07/2003


Co-Author - City of Alameda Declaration of Racism a Public Health Emergency, (July, 2020)

Co-Author - City of Alameda Climate Emergency Declaration, (March, 2019)

Founded 100K Trees for Humanity, a national environmental nonprofit to plant 10,000 trees to combat climate.


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Black: African American


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