Changing the way voters
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About Votegraph

Helping voters choose their political candidates.
Providing politicians with a simple way to campaign online.

About Votegraph

For Voters

Votegraph makes it easy for you to identify, compare, and follow your candidate options at every political level. No more combing countless websites to find relevant information. Get to know your candidates in one place, and vote with confidence in the next election.

For Politicians

Votegraph provides you with an easy-to-manage and inexpensive campaign profile for reaching voters online. You'll be easier to find and follow than a custom website would allow. We've also made it simple to communicate with voters and track your support. View a sample Candidate profile.

And this is only the beginning.

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Find information on virtually any political candidate using a single website.

Compare candidates side-by-side on relevant issues quickly.

Follow your favorite candidates for their news and events.

Plan who to vote for on election day.


Create a profile, start campaigning online and reach more voters.

Build your own campaign website using less time and money.

Communicate directly with voters and encourage ongoing support.

Track your number of supporters.